The Annie Organized Ensemble System

Annie was very out of her usual garb because she’s moving into Troy and Abed’s apartment in “Studies of Modern Movement”. Just her pink sweater, a lighter pink shirt worn underneath, dark (almost black) jeans and sneakers.

I don’t know what her necklace is. I thought it was a horseshoe, but im not sure. Help please!

Also the theme is pink. I’ll be back later for some outfit suggestions!

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Anonymous said: Hello, I do love watching Community and my favourite character is Annie; So I was wondering when you're going to start again with all her fashion ideas. Thanks :)

Of course! I just recovered from a bout of Depression and someone reminded me to get back on this. Thank you!

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Anonymous said: Do you know where I could get some cardigans and flannel like Abed? Sorry, I know this is an Annie blog. I know he gets a lot of his shirts from Threadless.

The Men’s section of Forever 21 is a great place to start. There’s also the men’s section of Urban Outfitters, but that’s much more expensive. 

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ann-who-deactivated20130106 said: Hi there! Love your site. I have a question: What do you think Annie will wear when she grows up? After she graduates from Greendale and enters the professional world, where do you think she will shop? How will her school girl style make the transition into adulthood? I'd love to get your opinion :) Thanks!

Thank you for the question! <3

I would say she would dress with less bright colors and with much darker colors. It doesn’t mean she wont wear a bright colored dress, but her wardrobe will have darker colors.

I would predict she would shop at New York & Co. or Express.

And her transition would occur as she experiences more of college and different people. Then when she feels comfortable with herself, she will decide what kind of person she is.

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She & Him | Thieves 

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I have plenty of asks to get to, so throughout the day, i’ll be answering them one by one as to not over run your dashboards. Thank you!

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whatilivedfor said: thank you so much for posting again! new annie fashion posts will help tide me over the hiatus

You’re welcome! It’s hard on me too. In this way i’m sort of glad I didn’t post because then you guys wouldn’t have left over Annie fashions to pick out during these trying times.

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Pretty sure you killed his dad, Jeff Winger
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